The Need

Mobility and logistics are on the cusp of disruptive changes not seen since the advent of the automobile due to electrification and autonomous technologies. Without strategic action, these changes will quickly impact the entire transportation ecosystem, in many cases outpacing the ability of industry, government and communities to adapt.
* Economic Development Administration University Centers (EDA-UCs) specifically focused on leveraging university assets to build regional economic ecosystems that support innovation and high-growth entrepreneurship, resiliency and inclusiveness. By responding to the economic development needs of their regions, University Center programs are demand-driven by nature. University Center Program | U.S. Economic Development Administration (
University Centers collaborate with other EDA partners, such as Economic Development Districts (EDDs), by providing expertise, applied research, and technical assistance to develop, implement, and support regional strategies that result in job creation, high-skilled regional talent pools, and business expansion in a region’s innovation clusters.

What We Offer

Knowledge Dissemination

Create and develop tools to become a resource that regional partners can leverage for information on EAV transportation systems

Workforce Development

Work with regional partners to address future workforce needs by collaborating with industry, government and academia

Innovation and Applied Research

In preparation for the eventual deployment of EAV transportation systems, collaborate with regional partners to encourage innovative ways of leveraging EAV systems

Vision for EAV Deployment

Collaborate with regional partners to provide a vision of the deployment of EAV transportation systems

“Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) has collaborated previously with IUPUI on other recent mobility initiatives and has provided a letter of support for IUPUI’s grant application to the EDA for the creation of this Initiative. Advancing electrification and autonomy are key tenets of TMF and we look forward to continuing to support IUPUI.”  - Toyota Mobility Foundation